• Weight Loss is a Journey

    Weight Loss is a Journey

    Weight Loss is HARD — Everyone would be amazingly fit if that were not the case.

    Hard — yes, impossible — no.

    There is a balance you have to find where you put your weight loss and your goals and your dreams ahead of what you want or need or crave this minute.

    For example, do you really want the birthday cake from your coworkers party. Is it going to really make you happy? Is it going to cause you to not have a success on the scale this week? Which is more important to you?

    It is really about making constant choices like that. If you are someone who can have a couple of bites of cake, you may be fine. If you are not, you might be better to wave it off.

    Weight loss is a journey and that journey will become a lifestyle and you will love that new lifestyle. But you need to make a few choices along the way and prioritize. Letting go some of those things like having store bought cake at a coworkers mini party or cutting down on cocktails on the weekend really are not going to take the fun out of your life. They are going to make you happier and healthier to have a good long life.